The Beeline. Low carbon infrastructure of the future


The Beeline brings together three critical seafront projects: Marina/Blackrock/Gasworks, West Pier and King Alfred Quarter. These long delayed development projects, which can be started by the private sector very soon without the council spending a single penny, amount to over a billion pounds worth of investment in Brighton and Hove and will come at a time when our city desperately needs substantial new investment.

Marina Blackrock Gasworks

Urban View and Lomax have brought the private sector stakeholders together with the council in agreement that their proposal can fix the decades old connectivity problem and realise the full potential of the marina to create a world class leisure destination with thousands of new homes.

West Pier

Nick and Hugh are finalising their ground breaking proposal for the new west pier, very much in the spirit of the long destroyed original as a mixed use food and leisure destination, with world class public landscaped gardens.

King Alfred Quarter

Lomax and Urban View have solved the decades old conundrum of how to redevelop the King Alfred centre with a highly sustainable solution that is phased to guarantee best value, keeps the pools open throughout, can be started within months (not years as some think) and where the council gets a significant income stream of homes that they control. This can be built by local team who have a track record of delivering similar scaled urban regeneration projects.